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Neurologist & Headache Specialist

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Dr. Armand Here!

I am a LOVER of life! I am a classically trained dancer, so I’m naturally inclined toward the performing arts and love to use my creative skills in educational endeavors.


After years of training to become a neurologist and headache specialist, I absolutely LOVE what I do. In addition to providing patient care, I am also a fellowship director intricately involved in teaching the next generation of neurologists to meet their greatest potential as experts in headache medicine. I am ecstatic about guiding the future direction of the medical field!

Also featured in:

U.S. News And World Reports

American Migraine Foundation

Migraine World Summit


My experience goes beyond being a physician. As a Black woman in the medical profession, I see AND encounter the healthcare disparities affecting the Black community. Being an advocate for equity in healthcare in this country is important to me.

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